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CCF-200 – Lipin/Dietz Associates, Inc.




Automatically measure the sound attenuation of ear plugs.

The system reports a Personal Attenuation Rating (PAR) in decibels, representing the amount of protection. The CCF-200 integrates the fit testing into the hearing testing process: after a few simple instructions at the conclusion of the audiogram, you can add fit testing to the annual regimen.

Like the industry-leading CCA-200mini Audiometer, the CCF-200 can test multiple subjects simultaneously from a single computer.

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Fit testing is a breakthrough method of verifying the amount of noise protection that each worker is receiving. Regular screening reinforces the safety culture of the workplace. Issues of poor fit, incorrect insertion, or improper choice of earplug will result in an unacceptable PAR, indicating the need for follow-up. Testing your population ensures that you are delivering the right amount of noise protection for the work environment.

A specially designed headset provides comfort during the test, and does not contact the ear or earplug, in order to ensure a valid PAR. Fit testing is an NHCA/OSHA Alliance best practice:

  • Involves workers in their own protection

  • Quantifies the protection of a given earplug

  • Usable with all manufacturers’ plugs

  • Verifies the effectiveness of HPD training

  • Stable, repeatable REAT algorithm

  • Integrates with CCA-200mini or CCA-100mini audiometer and BAS-200slm Simulator/Sound Level Meter

  • Programmable test sequences and frequency bands

  • Personal daily dose calculation based on both NIOSH and OSHA PEL (Permissible Exposure Limit) calculations

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