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NDD Easy-One Diagnostic – Lipin/Dietz Associates, Inc.

NDD Easy-One Diagnostic



The first ndd spirometer that conquered the World introducing the new ndd transit time flow measurement technology


Product Description
EasyOne Screen Spirometry SystemIncludes: #2001-1 Diagnostic Spirometer, 2010-6S, EasyOne screen. New simple, easy to use spirometer is ideal for the simple assessment of lung health in the office setting. Features FVC testing. Meets ATS recommendation for diagnostic spirometry. The ndd true flow technology – sensor is never in contact with the sample – ndd true flow is absolute flow (no influence by contamination, humidity, droplets, temperature) – ndd true flow is also used by major OEM manufacturers (Ventilators, Anesthesia, Spirometers etc.) The display – 5 lines with ample space for clear communication – used for guidance to achieve high grade tests – gives instant results and diagnosis Cradle (base station) – for standby positioning of the EasyOneTM – for communication from the EasyOneTM : – directly to printer, serial or USB – to PC (by the EasyWareTM software) – to modem / telephone (studies, home use etc.) – direct encrypted e-mail transmission EasyOne ScreenTM for connection of the EasyOne ScreenTM to a PC – direct real time FV and FT curve – reject / accept feature – children incentive screen Report – plain paper A4 or letter size in colors with clear and lasting print – ready to be filed and stored – direct USB connection to printer – export to ‘word’, ‘excel’ etc. Vast memory – up to 700 patients (first in first out) – secured memory, no accidental loss when battery low – multiple units may be used with one cradle and one EasyWareTM PC software Lowest running costs – different consumable options; single use and reusable spirettes to match the user’s priority – no costly calibration nor any other maintenance – no down time spiretteTM – the best docking for adults and children – hygienic single patient consumable for full contamination control Endorsed, worldwide proven – by NASA, MIR space programs in use for crew monitoring in outer space – ATS, ERS, CSA, JAPAN, FDA, CE, NIOSH, OSHA, GOLD, BOLD, Platino – drug makers for c


Platino Studies in Latin America with many publications based on long term stability of EasyOne in multicenter applications with cross checking. (Brasil, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, Venezuela)

// www.platino-alat.org


BOLD studies (the prevalence studies of GOLD COPD awareness investigations). China, Turkey, Germany, Austria, Iceland, Sweden, South Africa, India

// PDF (86K)


Primary care spirometry study in Australia; Walters et al.

// PDF (133K)


The long term stability of EasyOne Perez-Padilla et al.

// PDF (131K)


Allgemeinarzt Deutschland: Spirometrie in der Hausarzt-Praxis; Helgo Magnussen

// PDF (171K)


Empfehlung der Deutschen Atamwegsliga, EasyOne muss nicht geeicht werden.



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