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Tremetrics AR940 **USED** – Lipin/Dietz Associates, Inc.

Tremetrics AR940 **USED**



The AR940 Mini Sound Room is designed to allow flexibility in any setting. It can be quickly changed to attain a right or left hand arrangement.  The transformation can be accomplished without any disassembly of components, without any tools, by any member of your staff.  The AR940 Mini Sound Room is appropriate for hearing health professionals, industrial monitoring, mobile test vans, public schools, and speech audiometry.

• Fully preassembled and ready to plug into host room outlet.
• Four (4) swivel, lockable casters for easy movement through doorways and around corners.
• Jack panel with six (6) 1/4” stereo connectors.
• Dimmable light fixture.
• Silenced vent system with rheostat to control airflow.
• 16” x 25” hinged shelf.
• Passes through any normal 30” wide door.

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